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A lovely vacation in Belize started off at Chaa Creek. The cabins were outstanding, with howler monkeys to wake you and all kinds of creatures (including a puma!!!) prowling. If you want a wild experience this is the place. Glamping at Chaa Creek’s Camp Casitas you get fed the best meals. Loved all the employees- Extra shout out to Benjamin helping us navigate to Caracol. The butterflies and the pool have you swimming in beautiful blues. Chaa Creek is the place to experience the jungle before heading out to the surrounding mayan ruins.

Photos by Bronwyn Burnett




Just got back from Belize. It was pretty fantastic. From beaches to the jungle and mayan ruins- the country has a myriad of fun activities.

Photos by Bronwyn Burnett





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Ojo Caliente is full of warmth. Fire pits and mud baths await among the hotsprings. Lithia pools, iron, arsenic, and soda springs for soaking in multiple healing properties. Can it get any better? The skies say so: that adobe architecture has an outstanding restaurant for nourishment.

Photos by Bronwyn Burnett

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Sunrise Springs Spa Resort is a perfect retreat near Santa Fe, New Mexico. The puppy playtime was my favorite. Can I  have one of those little bears?! Baby labrador retrievers are too cute. Full heart explosion.

Photos by Bronwyn Burnett and Noah Petrowski

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First stop in New Mexico is Los Poblanos Historic Inn and Organic Farm. This place is not to be missed. They have a farm shop and an outstanding restaurant. This bed and breakfast knows what’s up. Lavender fields, fresh farm-to-table everything. This is Albuquerque’s gem- I am smitten.

Photos by Bronwyn Burnett and Noah Petrowski