Here are some more pictures of the Ross residence. How are you guys hanging in there?

Photos by Bronwyn Burnett





Had a wonderful time, full of laughs and great memories in this gorgeous home in Piedmont. Aaron and Stephanie’s remodel is spectacular. Open floor plans are perfect for dance parties. Love it. Check out the Design Within Reach Como leather sofa and the Heath Ceramic tiles in the kitchen. Drool.

Photos by Bronwyn Burnett




Just can’t get enough of this flat in Paris. It was so fun to stay in. Chevron floors, awe inspiring beauty, french doors, ceilings with molding. What a dream. I loved every moment of it.

Photos by Bronwyn Burnett


This dining room hutch is setting the stage for my client project. I’m happy to be working on this airy home filled with treasures. Take a peek inside the hutch- now full of pottery. I sourced from Heath Ceramics, Notary Ceramics, and found some unique handmade pieces. I wanted to up the contrast by using lighter pieces inside the darker cabinets. Making sure this home has everything needed to feel casual yet elegant.

Photo by Bronwyn Burnett

20170625_205350 copy


20170625_205139 copy

A visit to the stunning apartment of my friend Jamie Brown. Love the simplicity and the wow factors.  This eclectic look shines through like rays of sunshine. Modern elegant and neat- these artifacts really speak to you.  Witty and fun we turn to the bright side of life.

Photos by Bronwyn Burnett