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I am loving the flow of this Graham & Spencer dress. Perfect for spring. This time of year is incredibly idyllic for outdoor patio hangouts. What are you digging?

Photos by Noah Petrowski

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I love that we are talking about peace during fearful times in my small group. Peace is something I long for, especially when my nerves can barely take in the overwhelming nuances of life. Sometimes it feels like I am taking it from all sides and that can make it hard to get up and face the day. How do you find inner peace? Here are a few things that help me. Prayer is huge, I have to forgive myself and others. This isn’t easy but prayer can help you slow down. Taking care of your health is another key. This bath from The Apartment by The Line looks relaxing. Juices help me- I am loving the turmeric infused drinks popping up. Moonjuice is very soothing- that turmeric has a ton of healing properties. Hanging out with friends and talking it out with loving support is great too. Check out my friend Jamie’s amazing sweater jacket. Artistic expression is a must. Peace be with you all.

Photos by Bronwyn Burnett




Good morning Monday. I had a sweet weekend because my little brother came to visit. We had some much needed laughs about our broken lives. If it isn’t funny it’s just tragic, right? We stopped by Sift Dessert Bar and ate ice-cream sandwiches, rose macarons and cupcakes. It was just fabulous.

Photos by Bronwyn Burnett


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I’m loving the minimal architectural passages. They feel so natural and right. Have a great weekend from the coast.

Photos by Bronwyn Burnett