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Kasha-katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument swept me away. The outstanding beauty of the sedimentary rock formations was out of this world. I can not recommend the hike enough. Love the dreamy landscapes around each corner. I was also digging this See by Chloe dress and how it stepped into formation with nature.

Photos by Bronwyn Burnett and Noah Petrowski




I’m still soaking in the minerals, diversity, sacred spaces, and all that was experienced in New Mexico. I will be sharing more with you this week. Feeling at one with the land.

Photos by Bronwyn Burnett and Noah Petrowski



Hey girls, stay resilient. The terrain is rugged but you got this- Steadfast.

“Strong girls may protect themselves by being quiet and guarded so that their rebellion is known by only a few trusted others. They may be cranky and irascible and keep critics at a distance so that only people who love them know what they are up to. They may have the knack of shrugging off the opinions of others or they may use humor to deflect the hostility that comes their way.”
-Mary Pipher

Photos by Bronwyn Burnett and Jamie Brown