Fall Forward




Days can change so quickly, it is important to prevail with peace of mind. Often stopping to appreciate little things I see throughout the day helps me stay calm by slowing my thoughts.  Life can hand you stress from every angle; health, mental struggles, loneliness, fear. There are so many daunting forms of discouragement. This weekend I will focus on overcoming obstacles through discernment, informed vitality nurtured in humility, and faith that is rooted in love. Be diligent, adaptable and open to expansion.

Photos by Bronwyn Burnett

Bar Tartine




Bart Tartine is so delicious and perfect for fall. The conflate of cuisine with rustic undertones fills me with ebullience.  The cultured squash spread for the bread was perfection. The smoked potatoes are supurb! Bar Tartine has magnificent ingredients in everything they make and they also have a bakery– Tartine Bakery, I can’t get enough of them.

Photos by Bronwyn Burnett

Monarch Butterflies




The monarch butterfly has such beautiful coloring, if you ever want to experience something truly magical check out the monarch migration in Santa Cruz at Natural Bridges State Beach. There is nothing like hundreds of these beauties fluttering around. Monarch butterflies have currently lost 90% of their population because they don’t have the proper habitat to reproduce, the milkweed plant. We can all help by planting a milkweed plant, to obtain free seeds just email monarch@cincynature.org and request a seed package.  Fall is the perfect time to plant a flower and save a butterfly species, every plant helps.

Dress by Turk and Taylor from Aggregate Supply

Photos by Bronwyn Burnett