Guy’s, I strained my back climbing Mount Saint Helens and was feeling it. Thankfully I got some much needed miraculous help through Z-Health. Not only am I able to walk upright again but now I have a complete facination with neuroscience. A brain based approach to fitness – Z-Health fixed me in 5 minutes. Check out this video explanation.

Photos by Mishka Burnett



It is so refreshing to relax and simplify. How are you treating yourself this Wednesday? Edit down and keep what’s worth it. Mountain Valley Spring Water – you are good.

Photos by Bronwyn Burnett



This weekend San Francisco got some fresh air after a werk of smoke from the devastating Napa fires. I needed the sunshine and coastal views. Top by Costume National, skirt by Les Petits Carreaux, trusty flip flops by havaianas.

Photos by Noah Petrowski