One of my favorite murals in San Francisco is the “Heart over Capital” one. It is a great reminder for me that this city was built not only on capital, but what has always shown through is love. Hearts are far more valuable. This weekend as we break through into February may our hearts expand and take us deeper in unbound trust. Have a great one- see you next week loves.

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My apartment was in Apartment Therapy. I had the best time with Esteban Cortez. He is a talented photographer, and I am forever grateful that he was able to capture my ceiling chandelier. Hop on over to Apartment Therapy to check out the full tour: Bronwyn’s Constantly evolving Nob Hill Studio

Kairos to me is about articulating yourself effectively. It is those miracle moments where things come together just the right way, it is the mystery of art and its rhetorical velocity. The aha moments that make comedy work, or great conversations, or the feeling that I was meant to be here right now doing this. Kairos inspires and ignites deeper thoughts because its profound timing. It makes us stand in awe of life.

Photos by Esteban Cortez for Apartment Therapy







While visiting Stephanie Ross from Le Petites Carreaux, I got the pleasure of perusing one of her favorite stores, Hawthorn. Located right on College Ave in the cutest Eastbay neighborhood- Rockridge. This store has simplicity down. I love how much space is allocated to show off the statement pieces they carry- classy. I can see Stephanie’s wardrobe choices are on display. Thank you for showing me this store Stephanie! I love your eye.

“Simplicity is not the goal. It is the by-product of a good idea and modest expectations.”
– Paul Rand

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Stephanie knows how to entertain. I asked her to share with us some pointers:

“Tips to skip the typical kids birthday/pizza party and turn it to a fun party for everyone:

- Invite not only your kids friends but also your friends.
– It is not a duty, it is a party! I recommend a few bottles of Rosé.
– Try to make it personal: use your creativity and your own space: turn the your dining table into a buffet table and unfold an additional table, if you have one, for kids activities.
– For food, make it simple, healthy and yummy:  Broccoli, carrots, and rice for the kids, a cheese plate and italian salami for the adults, roasted chicken and potaotes for everyone. Buy healthy options for the kids. Have you tried Nocciolata? It’s the organic version of Nutella.
– Invest in serving plates you can use every year, i bought mine ten years ago and I am still using them.
– Prepare some simple arts and craft activities like mask making for the quiet kids and balls games outside for the others.:)
– Organize a special surprise: a puppet show and a dance band, there are so many talented people that can make this day special.”

Thank you Stephanie Ross for the great advice!

The best color to paint with is the one that is on the brush.

Stephanie is wearing a camel Kordal Owyn Sweater and vintage bracelet from the Alameda flee market. On the door is a Jess Brown sweater next to a pair of Dieppa Restrepo black and white shoes and a Bottega Veneta Bag.

Photos by Bronwyn Burnett



This weekend I got to hangout with my stylish friend Stephanie Ross in Piedmont. Her son, Joseph turned 6. They had a party with the silliest puppet show- which made us all laugh. We drank lots of coffee and shared our favorite songs and youtube videos (mine is angry ram vs. rider and her families is the cop singing Taylor Swift and Joseph can’t get enough of Mika’s We are Golden). Check out what Stephanie carries in her bag. So chic! Also their flat in Paris is amazing!

Photos by Bronwyn Burnett